August 2008

Today Senator John McCain picked Governor Sarah Palin to be his Vice President.  I had not heard of her and was most surprised to learn that she’s only 44 and has five kids.  Wow!  How is it possible to be Vice President of the United States too?  I surely haven’t accomplished enough.

I hope John McCain didn’t pick her just because she’s a woman.  Too much misdirected strategy goes on in politics — But I guess she can represent CHANGE now too.  She’s young and doesn’t have much political experience, similar to Barack Obama.  Two young and experienced combos.  That makes for an interesting race.  I hope the next President and Vice President do what’s best for the people and the country.

I’ve read a little and listened to Sarah Palin’s speech on the radio this morning and she sounded real.  I like a person who fights against the odds for what’s right — We need more people with the guts to do it.  We’ve got three more months to learn more about the changes that need to occur.  It appears the political race is finally on.  Two years is too long to run for office — It has been a waste of time and money.

Finally, I’m a brat to mention this, but don’t you think her kid’s names are a bit over the top – HA.  Sorry kids, different is good. 🙂

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United we stand, divided we fall — It’s true.  At today’s Democratic Convention, Hillary Clinton told me that the Democrats are America’s only hope for the future.  That seemed a bit pessimistic about the country, divisive, and over dramatic, but as expected everyone clapped on cue. 

But fingers will most likely be pointed in the opposite direction at the Republican Convention next week.  Why must we so harshly divide into separate groups?  The issues remain the same and shouldn’t be oversimplified.  Politics is not a sport, nor a tag line.  Real things need to get done fast — But all we usually see is a transfer of power and wealth, not enough being accomplished for Americans.

No matter who gets elected in November, we should stand behind him and work together.  Division isn’t good for the country.  We have the freedom to say what we think, but we should first ask ourselves — Does my expression benefit the United States, our soldiers, our children, society, or relations?  If not then ask yourself, what’s my point?  Some media responsibility is needed. 

Overall, unity makes for a better America.  Stop the new civil war, the Democrats versus Republicans, and the media’s play-by-play reporting of the same.  Many times there’s no good purpose for it.

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Doesn’t Barack Obama know that Joe Biden is a big mouthed phony?  Can’t he see that Biden is quite full of himself?  That’s not a good quality in a leader.  Both have some time to go in this final stretch of the way too long race to The White House.  There’s a lot of crap out there regarding Mr. Biden, which I’m sure will start flinging full speed on Monday.

For the record, I’m not an Obama fan, but thought he had a better chance without Biden — In other words, I don’t know enough about Obama to become an immediate cheerleader like much of the media.  It doesn’t make sense.  I don’t have anything against him, but I’m not falling for his well delivered speeches.  That’s just fluff.

My vote will most likely be for John McCain, since Mitt Romney dropped out way too soon, or I may vote for Bob Barr — I’m not completely sure.  I want real change, not just the promise of it.  We hear the same promise each race, but don’t see it from the two over-emphasized parties.  It’s just a tug of war.  And once again we’re forced to pick the best of the worst.

Back to the heading — I do think Obama blew his chance to become President by picking Joe Biden.  I thought he was a little smarter than that.  It’s almost comical — Joe Biden is not change, he’s status quo. 

I hear that Delaware residents are happy that Biden got picked to be Obama’s running mate, since it will get him out of their state.  If that’s the popular consensus in Delaware, it’s not a good sign for the rest of the country.

POST ELECTION UPDATE:  Barack Obama won the Presidential Election, but I don’t think Joe Biden helped any — Yet perhaps he might have swayed those who never heard of him.  He was on his best behavior with his big perma-smile.  Now that he’s going to be our Vice President, I hope he does the right thing.  And let’s see this CHANGE they talked about.

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How are Leaf Blowers allowed to exist?  They obviously pollute and annoy.  Just walk by one to breathe in the gas fumes and the debris being BLOWN into the air.  Why do its operators wear masks if it’s okay for the rest of us?  I usually see the debris being blown from one property to another — From the paying neighbor’s yard out onto the public streets, or onto another neighbor’s car or yard.  Why can’t the debris be swept and picked up like it used to be?  It’s relatively not that strenuous of a job.

Leaf Blowers are a nuisance and should be completely banned.  How do they exist in such a hypersensitive environmental culture?  Is it politics?  The race card?  I really hope not.  I’m sorry all Gardeners, Leaf Blowers aren’t good for the overall public, especially how I see them being used.

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We already know you’re not perfect China and your latest Olympic related decision really proves it.  What a facade you put forth.  Now Yang Peiyi gets to go through life known as the girl who wasn’t cute enough to sing at the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics — All for 5 fleeting minutes of our lives.  Is it really worth it?  All those who made that decision should ask themselves that question.  Shame of them.  They really did their country a disservice.  And sadly it repels me from the Olympics in general.

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It’s just another politician lying to Americans, that’s all.  Add John Edwards to the list.  And he wanted to be our President too – YIKES.  Why do so many politicians think they can do anything they want and there will be no consequences?  Is it because the biased media protects them?  Partly YES.

I wonder what else he’s lied about, or is still lying about?  Is the baby his?  Whose paying Rielle Hunter’s mortgage?  I guess we’ll be finding those things out soon.  I have a lot more respect for those who make mistakes and admit to them.  He eventually did but only because he got caught.  It’s appalling.

He was seeking our highest office, while blatantly lying to our faces.  I can’t respect that and I’m thankful he got busted.  Where are those candidates with strong character Americans so desperately need?

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Why are politicians telling restaurants what to serve?  Don’t they have bigger fish to fry?  Or poach, if our current politicians continue trying to parent.  Why does McDonald’s or Burger King need to sell apples?  One has been able to find them at grocery stores for years.  Restaurants might want to sell apples to attract more customers, but it’s really not the government’s place to make one sell anything.  Good food is already available.  It’s called individual responsibility.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye Politicians:  Please move on from this ridiculous topic and focus on more important concerns — Americans have a lot of them and this is not one.  The time you spend blocking additional fast food restaurants from opening in L.A. and altering restaurant menus is wasted, because people will ultimately eat what they want, or can afford.  All options already exist in the public arena.  Please focus on repairing our economy, so we can afford more than fast food.  The price of fruits and vegetables is through the roof.  You’re the problem here and this isn’t the solution.

BTW, I agree that healthier food should be available in our schools.  That makes sense.

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This message goes out to Mayor Gavin Newsom.  And if he doesn’t get it, he should be voted out.   He’s playing you, and not doing the right things to protect American’s safety.  He’s slick, but don’t fall for it again.  Let’s get him out.

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I’m sure attorneys worked on the Complaint all night.  The Service Employees International Union (SEIU), California’s largest state employees union filed a lawsuit today to block Governor Schwarzenegger’s Executive Order.  Oh goody, now the lawyers get to make money and the state will waste more money (and time) on litigation.  The Governor should revoke his Executive Order — It’s in California’s best interest.  He needs to RECALL it and move on to Plan B, finalizing the budget, which should be Plan A.

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