Who Are You California?  You vote to raise taxes on yourself again?  Really?  It’s another easy way out for politicians on our backs.  How does the majority not see it?  I’m speechless and disappointed, and question what’s going on in my native state.

I still write here — I’m just depressed about California’s election results on most fronts.  It appears the naive were recruited in force and we’re now left with numerous battles to be fought.  I’m currently paralyzed to write more, since there are too many problems with my beautiful home state — Excessive business taxes, regulations and restrictions, Mafioso-esk labor unions, high taxes, so-called sanctuary cities, political fraud and deceit, etc.  We mustn’t stop combating these things or we’re surely going off a cliff.  Don’t give up or give in to what’s wrong.

A Mosque at Ground Zero?  Once again it appears that sensitivity is being applied to the wrong group of people.  Many victim’s families say NO.  We say NO too!  Build it somewhere else — That should be it.  Why is it being forced upon them and the rest of us?  We’re tired of the will of the American people being ignored.

We already know you’re not perfect China and your latest Olympic related decision really proves it.  What a facade you put forth.  Now Yang Peiyi gets to go through life known as the girl who wasn’t cute enough to sing at the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics — All for 5 fleeting minutes of our lives.  Is it really worth it?  All those who made that decision should ask themselves that question.  Shame of them.  They really did their country a disservice.  And sadly it repels me from the Olympics in general.

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