Larry Elder is back on KABC 790AM Talk Radio.  His new show is from 9AM – Noon, Monday through Friday.  America needs him more than ever!  It was a sad day in talk radio when he left KABC at the end of 2008, and now happy days are here again.  He’s intelligent, tough, informed, funny, wise and doesn’t back down.  There should be more like him.  Thanks for all you do Larry Elder — Will you marry me?  Just kidding about that last part (inappropriate, I know), but many do love you.  You fight for what’s important and right. 🙂

Today is Larry Elder’s last day on 790 KABC Talk Radio.  I’m so sad.  He is truly a voice of reason.  I’ve been listening to him for more than 10 years and have agreed with most of his positions over that time.  He’s intelligent, articulate, funny and gutsy.  He says what needs to be said and it’s usually what I think.  I once sent him a photo of my friends and I holding a sign I made — Larry Elder for President.   I certainly don’t fault him for not pursuing that avenue, but think he’d make an excellent President.  He’s knowledgeable, fair and true.

Dear Larry Elder:  PLEASE bring your voice back soon.  I’m especially going to miss you on my drive home from work, where I often concurred aloud.  I believe you truly want to do the right thing(s).  Thanks for the clarity and entertainment over the years.  HURRY BACK to the public —  Our country needs you.

All The Best,

Shelly Borrell

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