ATTENTION ALL POLITICIANS:  If I receive a prerecorded telephone call or message from you regarding your candidacy, I will purposefully not vote for you.  Who likes to pick up the phone to a prerecorded message?  I think it’s rude.  Yet it’s still being done.  It tells me that you’re really not in touch with what the people want.  I’ve already received one call which required me to run to catch the phone — I don’t recall who it was from, but I’ll note it for you next time.  The headline will read, I’m Not Voting For ?  Good luck and may the BEST men and women win.

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Today Senator John McCain picked Governor Sarah Palin to be his Vice President.  I had not heard of her and was most surprised to learn that she’s only 44 and has five kids.  Wow!  How is it possible to be Vice President of the United States too?  I surely haven’t accomplished enough.

I hope John McCain didn’t pick her just because she’s a woman.  Too much misdirected strategy goes on in politics — But I guess she can represent CHANGE now too.  She’s young and doesn’t have much political experience, similar to Barack Obama.  Two young and experienced combos.  That makes for an interesting race.  I hope the next President and Vice President do what’s best for the people and the country.

I’ve read a little and listened to Sarah Palin’s speech on the radio this morning and she sounded real.  I like a person who fights against the odds for what’s right — We need more people with the guts to do it.  We’ve got three more months to learn more about the changes that need to occur.  It appears the political race is finally on.  Two years is too long to run for office — It has been a waste of time and money.

Finally, I’m a brat to mention this, but don’t you think her kid’s names are a bit over the top – HA.  Sorry kids, different is good. 🙂

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