Political Correctness is one of the things that’s hurting America.  PLEASE spare the BS and tell it like it is.  Politicians (and voters) need to make decisions for the right reasons.

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Although I didn’t vote for Barack Obama and Joe Biden, I’m ready to see the “change” that won them the election.  There are a lot of problems, they made a lot of promises, and now I want to see the issues resolved.  CHANGE is not just a word — It’s an action/difference.  Most specifically I want to see positive change.  I hereby ask Barack Obama and Joe Biden to PLEASE do the right things for America and Americans.  Use the power wisely and I’ll support you.

I want to update this blog much more than I’m able.  Since I don’t get paid to write here, I need to keep up with the writing that brings in income.  Any sponsors?  Regardless, I will continue to point out poor political and media practices and a lot more, but on available time.  Please keep checking back.  I currently have twelve drafts going.  My passion for these issues is strong, but it’s hard to keep up with the play by play.  And sometimes writing about all the BS brings me down.  I’ll be back, and back, and back.  Thanks for your interest. 

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Hello world.  I can’t hold back.  There are too many wrongs going on.  Much change needs to happen now.  The purpose HERE is to point out the injustice, BS, stupidity, insanity, disregard, inequity, and the like that I learn about, witness, read, hear, or view to HOPEFULLY evoke necessary change.

Since there are reasons these Blog Titles didn’t make the cut, a future post certainly can’t be denied.  And the runner’s up are…

“What the F is Going on Here?”

“Stop Selling America Piece by Piece — We Can’t Put the Puzzle Back Together”

“Politics is Not a Sport, It’s Your Life”

“Write to Do Right”

“Writer of Wrongs”

“Get With the Program”

So are you going to use them now?  If so, do good and link back.