September 2008

After watching tonight’s Presidential Debate, it’s evident that I’ll be voting for John McCain — Not because I’m falsely persuaded, like much of the media is going to tell me, but because I’m an intelligent thinking adult.  Presidential Debates are important to hear more than sound bites and elite media interjections.  One can listen to an uninterrupted exchange and make his/her own decision. 

Senator Obama appears to do a lot of blaming without offering many solutions.  He simply repeats a list of debatable and non-debatable things that need to be done.  And on a few occasions he didn’t answer the specific question or address the disputed issue.  Why don’t people want to see it?  Many fell in love with Barack Obama so fast, but it’s time to break up now. 

Senator McCain asks you to look at his record, so PLEASE look at his record and let’s keep the debate pure – I’m an Independent.  Ignore ridiculous media bias and put aside party bias — Think for yourself.  Pick the best person for America today.

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The so-called ‘Bush Doctrine’ NOT defined by Charlie Gibson in his interview of Governor Sarah Palin is a term coined by the media and used to describe a few different things in relation to President Bush.  It’s not one well known thing that everyone should know. 

How condecending Charlie Gibson was with his glasses to his nose asking Sarah Palin about the Bush Docrine, as if we all should know exactly what he means.  PLEASE.  Political reporters tend to act like they know it all.  I’ve lost respect for many of them.

Governor Palin did well.  I hope she continues to rise above it.  The country needs it.  Political reporters are not smarter than YOU — Don’t fall for it.  Make your own decisions and ignore the media commentary.  It’s usually self serving.

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This is another post for the Political Candidates — When advertising your candidacy on television, it’s not really necessary to tell us that you approve your own message.  I don’t believe it’s required by the FCC.  It’s pretty obvious that you’d approve your own message, don’t you think?  It sounds dorky too. 

I’m Shelly Borrell and I approve this message.  See.

ATTENTION ALL POLITICIANS:  If I receive a prerecorded telephone call or message from you regarding your candidacy, I will purposefully not vote for you.  Who likes to pick up the phone to a prerecorded message?  I think it’s rude.  Yet it’s still being done.  It tells me that you’re really not in touch with what the people want.  I’ve already received one call which required me to run to catch the phone — I don’t recall who it was from, but I’ll note it for you next time.  The headline will read, I’m Not Voting For ?  Good luck and may the BEST men and women win.

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