I still write here — I’m just depressed about California’s election results on most fronts.  It appears the naive were recruited in force and we’re now left with numerous battles to be fought.  I’m currently paralyzed to write more, since there are too many problems with my beautiful home state — Excessive business taxes, regulations and restrictions, Mafioso-esk labor unions, high taxes, so-called sanctuary cities, political fraud and deceit, etc.  We mustn’t stop combating these things or we’re surely going off a cliff.  Don’t give up or give in to what’s wrong.

Why are politicians telling restaurants what to serve?  Don’t they have bigger fish to fry?  Or poach, if our current politicians continue trying to parent.  Why does McDonald’s or Burger King need to sell apples?  One has been able to find them at grocery stores for years.  Restaurants might want to sell apples to attract more customers, but it’s really not the government’s place to make one sell anything.  Good food is already available.  It’s called individual responsibility.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye Politicians:  Please move on from this ridiculous topic and focus on more important concerns — Americans have a lot of them and this is not one.  The time you spend blocking additional fast food restaurants from opening in L.A. and altering restaurant menus is wasted, because people will ultimately eat what they want, or can afford.  All options already exist in the public arena.  Please focus on repairing our economy, so we can afford more than fast food.  The price of fruits and vegetables is through the roof.  You’re the problem here and this isn’t the solution.

BTW, I agree that healthier food should be available in our schools.  That makes sense.

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