January 2009

I’m tired of the fiduciary breaches.  Bernard Madoff (Matoff) and many others need to be in jail for ripping off hardworking Americans.  The financial fraud needs to be stopped NOW.  Why do the taxpayers have to keep paying for it?  It’s not right!

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UPDATE:  He’s in jail now.  Good, but I’m a little disturbed that his wife is living in wealth if she helped him hide money.  I have absolutely no idea, but I hope it’s still being investigated.  Money needs to be returned to the people.

A man was awarded $240,000 because he felt bad that he had to change his shirt and seat.  It’s utterly ridiculous and encourages more lawsuits.  There were others who felt uncomfortable about the shirt, what about their collective rights?  Once again, the ACLU is on the wrong side of America.