Dear Governor Schwarzenegger: 

I once had high hopes for you, but you conformed to the inefficient status quo.  You had the opportunity to do great things, but you didn’t.  The people were on your side.  And now that car tax is looking pretty good in light of the Executive Order you signed today.  Both are wrong, but taking money out of individual tax payer’s pockets is quite disgusting.  To reduce ones pay to the Federal Minimum Wage is unacceptable.  It’s even lower than California’s minimum wage.  I commend the State Controller, John Chiang for his vow to not comply with the Order.

You can’t just take planned funds out of family budgets, because YOU ALL can’t do your jobs in Sacramento.  It’s just not right!  You admit that financial times are though and apologize for the decision, but that doesn’t cut it.  Many people simply can’t live on $6.55 an hour, especially if they rely on more.  Let’s be realistic here.  Now more houses will be lost, less goods will be sold, etc.  The fallout hurts us all.  Can’t you see the big picture?

Please GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER.  Politicians are chipping away at the people’s quality of life and you just joined right in.  I thought you had more guts and truly wanted to do the right thing for Americans, but we’re let down again by those governing, which is you now.  Booooooooo.

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Hello world.  I can’t hold back.  There are too many wrongs going on.  Much change needs to happen now.  The purpose HERE is to point out the injustice, BS, stupidity, insanity, disregard, inequity, and the like that I learn about, witness, read, hear, or view to HOPEFULLY evoke necessary change.

Since there are reasons these Blog Titles didn’t make the cut, a future post certainly can’t be denied.  And the runner’s up are…

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“Stop Selling America Piece by Piece — We Can’t Put the Puzzle Back Together”

“Politics is Not a Sport, It’s Your Life”

“Write to Do Right”

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“Get With the Program”

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