Who is putting our country first?  It’s certainly not our politicians.  I pondered this question and the only answer is… Our military, veterans, troops — They’re truly putting our country first.  God bless them.  And now it’s time for our politicians (Democrat and Republican) to start putting our country first and stop wasting the immense sacrifices of our precious soldiers.

Thank you to ALL past and present Veterans of the United States of America.  Your job is very important and much respected by meHappy Veterans Day — It’s because of you that the rest of us get to enjoy it too.

The sacrifices of our American Soldiers past and present is tremendous, and it’s the reason I’m free to write this today.  Let’s honor, respect and support all who fought and continue to fight for freedom and liberation.  Let’s also allow them to do their jobs and stop questioning each tactic — They do what is necessary. 

Too many seem to be protecting the wrong side — SO WHAT about “Waterboarding.”  It’s better than getting your head cut off.